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Construction of machinery and appliances

Based on drawings from the client, BERNER produces complete machines, appliances and plants, subassemblies and replacements. Solutions for special applications can also be developed in cooperation with the client.


Steel construction

Voluminous welded structures up to an individual weight of 20 t can be built at the workshop of BERNER without any problems, and, if necessary, also machined or painted. BERNER is certified for welding work with the comprehensive form of verification.



BERNER uses state of the art CNC technology for machining, turning and drilling. Elements and subassemblies for the construction of machinery and appliances, up to a length of 10 m and an individual weight of 20 t, and from a wide range of materials, are fabricated to the highest grade of accuracy.



At the workshop of BERNER, elements are washed, sand-blasted, coated and paint-sprayed in cleaning, sand-blasting and paint-spray booths in which elements up to a length of 10 m can be treated. Every type of client-specific coating can be applied.



BERNER designs, fabricates and assembles, complete machines, appliances, plants and subassemblies with their respective hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems, in a wide range of types and sizes, including testing and final inspection.