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Elektrode Production Systems

  • BERNER production systems for welding electrodes have an output of up to 1,400 electrodes per minute, even with the most complex wire geometries. The process involves covering the wire with a coating, printing the coating and preparing the product for drying and packaging. [read more]

Rails/Girder Straightener & Bending Presses

  • Using BERNER straightener and bending presses, railway rails are produced to the stringent specifications currently applied for rail straightness (0.2 mm je 1,000 mm rail length) and accurate curve geometries for tramway and underground railway systems. [read more]


Profile Handling Systems

  • Program controlled BERNER rail handling systems increase the throughput rate in welding plants for long rails (up to 360 m) and in drilling and bending at urban/suburban trackwork depots. [read more]