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Coating line


The BERNER coating line is made up of the following major components:
  • Automatic wire feeder DA 7.5
  • Cylinder filling press FP
  • Extrusion press UP
  • Intermediate belt and brushing belt (ZB 1 and BB 2.2)
Kpl UP1
BERNER welding electrode production lines are at the forefront of global engineering developments, allowing the user to achieve optimum product quality.

The continuing development of our machines in cooperation with our customers over the past years, backed up by meaningful integration of leading-edge technology, is your guarantee of the acclaimed high BERNER standard of technology, manufacturing quality and service.

Benefits of a BERNER line

alt The key elements and benefits of a BERNER line:

  • Horizontal design of the extrusion press with two coating-compound cylinders, ensuring short cylinder changeover times.
  • The wire feed angle of lower than 45° to the coating compound ensures an optimum flow angle, resulting in a uniform flow of the compound in the extrusion head.
  • High specific pressure in the coating-compound cylinders allow difficult compound materials to be processed.
  • New, extremely hard-wearing materials give the extrusion head and the coating-compound cylinders much longer life than has previously been possible.
  • Simple, manual adjustment of concentricity.
  • Quick and easy setting of all production parameters for the entire line at the central control panel.
  • Memory functions for all production parameters (wire speed, coating compound extrusion volume and speed of acutator drives of the intermediate and brushing belts), allowing configuration parameters to be reloaded for repeat production runs.
  • The BERNER cylinder filling press FP compresses the coating compound directly inside the coating-compound cylinder. As a result, the production of compound slugs and manual feeding of the coating-compound cylinder is eliminated, avoiding the usual air pockets trapped between the slug and the inside walls of the compound cylinder. The fill level of the compound cylinder is almost 100% .