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Intermediate and brushing belts

ZB 1 und BB 2.2


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The conveyor belts are subdivided into the
  • intermediate belt (ZB 1) and the
  • brushing belt (BB 2.2).
These belts are fitted with devices which give the coated electrodes the "final polish". The different speeds of all belts are controlled by a frequency controller on the control panel.

The intermediate belt ZB 1 conveys the electrodes coming from the extrusion head to the brushing belt BB 2.2, on which they first have to be precisely aligned.
A brushing station brushes the holder end, while a grinding station grinds the arc end. Both stations are connected up to a vacuum extractor system. These two stations are followed by a marking unit and a graphiting unit. In the final process on the BERNER production line, each single electrode is printed. The electrodes are now ready to be removed manually from the belt outfeed on frames to take them to the drying oven. With large production volumes, an alternative method is to move the electrodes on a conveyor directly to a continuous flow drying oven.