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Semi-automatic packing machine

KG packing machine

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The KG packing machine is used to count and pack electrodes in boxes. The machine has an electrode hopper with a capacity of 600 - 800 kg dried electrodes. A transfer belt takes the electrodes to the inspection belt, on which defective electrodes can be ejected, while the perfect electrodes continue to the automatic counter and packing unit. After passing through the automatic counter unit, they fall into one of the two collector chutes. As soon as the specified quantity of electrodes has been reached,
  • the first collector chute is closed and electrodes are diverted to the second chute, and
  • the electrodes are automaticallypushed out of the collector chute by a pneumatic ram.
A box is now placed manually on the first pack of electrodes and a footswitch operated to push the electrodes fully into the box, which is then closed. 
The machine has two electric counters: one to record the number of electrodes per box and the second to count the number of filled boxes per shift/day.

Technical data


Suitable for electrode coating Ø

2,5 - 10 mm
Suitable for electrode lengths
250 - 500 mm
Suitable for box sizes
90 x 90 mm
Capacity up to
1,100 electrode per minute or 6 cartons per minute
Compressed air consumption, approx.
0.001m3 / carton 
Compressed air supply
6 bar
Power connection
400 V, 3 AC, 50 Hz
connected load, approx.
1 KW