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4-cylinder straightener

RPB 4 - 350/200                                                                                                                                  

Four hydraulic cylinders - one each from above, below, left and right - are essential to guarantee fast, accurate straighening over the entire rail length, particularly at welded joints and rail ends. The hydraulic unit is designed for fast forward and reverse speeds of the straightening pistons. The features of the rail straightener are as follows:
  • Integrated measuring unit
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of rail
  • Automatic changeover from fast advance stroke to slower straightening stroke (the speed of the straightening stroke ist user selectable)
  • Powered adjustment of the thrust block spacing
  • Central joystick control of all four straightening pistons
  • Integrated, coordinated, no-contact, three-coordinate measuring unit
  • Display of key parameters, including current hydraulic pressure in the bending operation, length of the straightening stroke, thrust block spacing, tolerance lines and measurement charts of rail straightness, together with other user-specific information on the screen
  • User selectable on-screen interface
  • Available either as a stationary or a mobile unit

Technical data

4-direction straightener (excluding hydraulic unit and control panel):

  • Lenth: ca. 4,100 mm
  • Width: ca. 2,700 mm
  • Height: ca. 3,600 mm
  • Weight: ca. 30,000 kg
  • Thrust block spacing: min. 500 mm, max. 2,000 mm
  • Height of the customer's roller table: 800 mm
  • Straightening force, path and speed:
    • Number of pressure cylinders: 4
    • Number of pressure cylinders: 3,500 KN
    • Number of pressure cylinders: 2,000 KN
  • Electrical connections:
    • 3-phase AC (hydraulic unit ): 415 ± 10% V, 50 Hz + 4% - 6%
    • Connected load: approx. 52 KW
    • Motor protection: IP 54
    • Insulation class: F