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Roller bender & straightener

BPB 2- 65H (RPB 2-130V)

Specially developed for horizontally and vertically straightening old rails and bending new rails (flat-bottom and grooved rails) in a continuous process.
RP265H3 lange Schiene Kontrast

Equipped with
  • two pressure rollers and four driven thrust rollers, over which the rails can be moved forwards and backwards in the press
  • Digital display of the bending/straightening stroke, set by means of a joystick
  • Memory function I for constant bending/straightening strokes
  • Memory function II for pre-programmed spiralled bending programs, with bending radii changing during the bending operation (option)
  • Roller pressure to users' specifications, applied either simultaneously to rail head and foot or only to rail stem
  • Antitwist device to avoid torsion when bending grooved rails (option)

RP265H3 Kontrast  RP 265 Detail Kontrast


Technical data

BPB 2-65 H
RPB 2-130V
Max. force per bending/straigthening piston
650 KN
1,300 KN
Max. stroke per pressure roller
± 125 mm
250 mm
Fixed axis spacing between pressure and thrust rollers of one side
550 mm
500 mm
Rail feed speed during bending operation
0.25 m/sec
0.25 m/sec
Rail feed height
920 mm über OKF
920 mm über OKF
Total drive power, approx.
55 KW
55 KW